For sale

BMW 2002 TI Rally

  • Brand
    • BMW
  • Year of production
    • 1972
  • Model
    • 2002 TI

BMW Motor Ti as required by the sheet with all the homologations and specifications according to the FIA sheet.

Car suitable and up to date for speed and prepared to make the technical passport

Everything up to date (buckets, harnesses, safety arch,...)

Old technical data sheet, can be driven daily with a pilot's license

It has self-locking, weber 45 carburetor, 2L engine, short group, hydraulic handbrake, large brakes according to tab, 160hp, gasoline, 2 seats, manual transmission

All up to date and ready to run


Separate equipment: 2 engines, 2 gearboxes, 2 differentials, 2 sets of rims